First Yellow Gold Lunar Medals of the HKSAR with Everlasting Values
According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. As the supreme lunar animal that has matchless power, the dragon is the most revered Chinese mascot. It is a synonym for eminence, power and wealth, as well as a symbol of luck and success. The Chinese are always proud as the "Descendants of the Dragon", making the Year of the Dragon an exceptionally popular year! To commemorate this special year, the world-renowned Royal Mint has issued the "Hong Kong Year of the Dragon Gold Proof Medals" in limited edition! As the first yellow gold lunar medals for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, they bear unrivalled collectible values! Each shines in golden splendour, showcasing the intrinsic nobleness of pure gold, which is in perfect match with your privileged status! An ideal gift and a perfect family heirloom, these medals are destined to be snapped up in no time! Grasp this golden chance to secure yours now!


The First-ever Yellow Gold Lunar Masterpieces of the Thousand-year Royal Mint
As the only official minting authority of the United Kingdom and the oldest coin maker of the world, the Royal Mint has a long history of over 1,100 years. Celebrated for its outstanding craftsmanship, the Mint has been entrusted by the Hong Kong government and over 100 other countries worldwide with the striking of their coinage. It recognised worldwide as a hallmark of high quality collections! "Hong Kong Year of the Dragon Gold Proof Medals" are the Mint's  first lunar medals ever struck in yellow gold! Being the first of their kind in the over 1,100 years history of the Mint, these medals are precious collectibles with matchless values! Each of them is meticulously crafted to the highest proof quality with a combination of traditional hand-engraving skills and modern technology! An excellent showcase of the Mint's refined artistry, each medal features detailed frosted relief against a shiny mirror-like background! They are definitely perfect works of art that will be treasured for generations to come!


Hong Kong Year of the Dragon Gold Proof Medals

A Majestic Dragon Playing with a Flaming Pearl to Wish You Every Success
The obverse depicts a majestic dragon playing with a flaming pearl in front of the "Dragon Gate" (the gate of success) amid the lucky clouds, wishing you every success in the future! The words "YEAR OF THE DRAGON" are inscribed in both English and Chinese on the top. The year "2012" at the bottom is flanked by a pair of peony blossoms (the flowers of wealth) entwined with vines, to represent the blessings of wealth and longevity.

Spectacular Contemporary View of the Victoria Harbour Denotes Continuing Prosperity in Hong Kong

The reverse features a contemporary view of the famous Victoria Harbour from the Peak in Hong Kong. Fully showcasing the glamour of Hong Kong as the "Pearl of the Orient" and an international metropolis, the harbour view also symbolises the city's progress into another golden era! Above the skyline is a blooming bauhinia, the floral emblem of Hong Kong, to symbolise a booming future. This five blooming petals of the flower conveys "five blessings knocking at your door"! On the circumference is the inscriptions of "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region", in both English and Chinese.


1. Classic Gold Proof Medal - Your Must-have Gem
Comprising 7.78gm .999 fine gold, this medal is a perfect art of gold! Limited edition worldwide, it is your ideal family heirloom!

Composition - 7.78gm .999 Gold and 0.73gm .999 Silver; Weight - 8.51gm;
Diameter - 22mm; Worldwide Mintage - 10,000pcs; HK Allocation - 8,000pcs


2. Supreme Gold Proof Medal - Ultimate Collectible
Comprising 31.1gm .999 fine gold, this sparkling medal is a perfect match with elitists like you! Only 950 pieces are available for Hong Kong, order now!

Composition - 31.1gm .999 Gold and 2.95gm .999 Silver; Weight - 34.05gm;
Diameter - 32.69mm; Worldwide Mintage - 1,200pcs; HK Allocation - 950pcs


3. Delicate Gold Proof Medal - A Great Gift
Comprising 3.11gm .999 fine gold, this medal showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of the Mint! It is a great gift for your beloved ones!

Composition - 3.11gm .999 Gold and 0.3gm .999 Silver; Weight - 3.41gm;
Diameter - 16.5mm;
Worldwide Mintage - 18,000pcs; HK Allocation - 12,000pcs


4. Gold Proof Medal Set - A Classy Gold Collection
This splendid set comprises three gold medals - "Classic", "Supreme" and "Delicate", to bring you triple good luck! Limited allocation of 800 sets only, be one of the few privileged owners now!

Worldwide Mintage - 1,000 sets;
HK Allocation - 800 sets


5. Gold and Silver Proof Medal Set - A Tasteful Gem
This sparkling set comprises the Classic Gold Medal, the Delicate Gold Medal and the Elegant Silver Medal! An enchanting set of gold and silver, it makes a tasteful gift for everyone and for any occasions!

Worldwide Mintage - 5,000 sets; HK Allocation -
3,000 sets


6. Elegant Silver Proof Medal - Value for Money

This .925 silver medal has the same design as the gold medals. Definitely a gem of intricate craftsmanship, get it for yourself and for your beloved ones now!

Composition - .925 Silver; Weight - 28.28gm; Diameter - 38.61mm;
Worldwide Mintage - 20,000pcs, HK Allocation - 15,000pcs



7. King-size Gold Proof Medal - Prestigious Jumbo
This 65mm jumbo gold medal is struck from 5oz of .999 fine gold. A breathtaking issue, it has the lowest mintage and only 100 pieces are allotted to Hong Kong! This rare gem is feverishly coveted by collectors worldwide, act now to secure yours!

Composition - .999 Gold; Weight -155.52gm; Diameter - 65mm;
Worldwide Mintage - 150pcs, HK Allocation - 100pcs

8. King-size Silver Proof Medal - Remarkable Colossus
Struck from 5oz of .999 fine silver, this majestic medal has a limited allocation of 1,500 pieces only! It is destined to be a fast-seller, get yours now!

Composition - .999 Silver; Weight -155.52gm; Diameter - 65mm;
Worldwide Mintage - 2,000pcs, HK Allocation - 1,500pcs



Fast Sellouts with Surging Values - Secure Yours Now!

The Dragon is the most favorite lunar animal of the Chinese and dragon medals are always feverishly coveted gems. For instance, the value of the King-size "Hong Kong Millennium Year of the Dragon Gold Proof Medal" is now 210% of its original. Yet, these medals are still in heavy demand, and can hardly be found in the secondary market. Thus, it is advisable to secure this year's dragon medals as early as possible. Being the first yellow gold lunar medals of both the HKSAR and the Royal Mint, these strictly limited gems will definitely generate a craze worldwide! Act now to secure yours!


The Royal Mint guarantees that once the issue limit is reached, the dies will be destroyed immediately and no further medals will be issued.


Comes with Certificate, Presentation Box and Booklet

Each medal or set comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity officially issued by the Royal Mint. Housed in a deluxe presentation box, each medal or set is also accompanied by a Chinese zodiac souvenir booklet, enhancing its value and giving you more fun in collecting.


The Best Gift in this Joyful Year of the Dragon
The design of these dragon medals is filled with auspicious signs and beautiful wishes. They are the best gifts for newborns, weddings, birthdays and all festive occasions! Lasting mementos with exceptional collectible values, they are undoubtedly ideal gifts welcomed by everyone!

Limited Mintage - Act Immediately!
As the first yellow gold lunar medals of both the HKSAR and the Royal Mint, the "Hong Kong Year of the Dragon Gold Proof Medals" are precious gems that will bring you multiple blessings in this New Year! As their quantities are strictly limited, orders will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Act now!

(#Not applicable to the Elegant Silver Medal, please refer to the attached order form for details.)


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