First Yellow Gold Lunar Medals of the HKSAR with Everlasting Value 

2020 is the Year of the Golden Rat, which occurs only once in the 60-year sexagenary cycle. The rat is ranked as the first Chinese zodiac animal. According to a Chinese myth, it was the rat which bit a hole in the chaotic sky and brought about the universe. As the symbol of a new start and a bright prospect, the rat is believed to bring one bliss, peace and abundance. To celebrate this lucky Year of the Rat, the famous Royal Mint has proudly issued the “Hong Kong Year of the Rat Gold Proof Medals” in limited worldwide edition! Sequels to the first yellow gold lunar medal series of the HKSAR, these medals sparkle with the supreme nobleness and splendour of pure yellow gold! They make the best collectibles for you to keep or to give away. Certain to trigger a craze like their predecessors, these limited gems should be secured now!


Hong Kong Year of the Rat Gold Proof Medals

Obverse: Lucky Rat Brings Peace and Longevity

The obverse features an agile rat admiring a flourishing Buddha’s hand plant, the fruit of happiness and longevity, to wish you peace, prosperity and good health. The words “YEAR OF THE RAT” in both English and Chinese are inscribed on the top. The year “2020” at the bottom is flanked by a pair of peony blossoms (the flowers of wealth) entwined with vines, to beckon wealth and longevity.

Reverse: Thriving View of Victoria Harbour Denotes a Vigorous Hong Kong

The reverse bears a splendid view of the prosperous Victoria Harbour from the Peak, featuring the two tallest skyscrapers of Hong Kong facing each other across the harbour. It demonstrates the robust vigour of Hong Kong as an “Asia’s World City”. Above the skyline is a blooming Bauhinia, the city’s floral emblem, wishing Hong Kong and Hongkongers a prosperous future. The outer ring features a pair of plump ears of grains to denote opulence, with the inscription “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” in English and Chinese.

Unprecedented Yellow Gold
Lunar Masterpieces of the
Thousand-year Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is among the oldest mints in the world with a history of over 1,100 years! It is the official minting authority of the United Kingdom and has been entrusted by Hong Kong and over 100 countries to strike their coinage. The “Hong Kong Year of the Rat Gold Proof Medals” are from the Mint’s first-ever yellow gold lunar medal series. A combination of traditional hand-engraving skills and modern top-notch technology, each medal meticulously captures the design in delicate frosted relief against the brilliant mirror-like background! Such perfect works of art will be treasured for generations!




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